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A Yearly Event

Vegetable breeding companies dealing in the Fresh Market and Home Garden segments host a multitude of Summer Vegetable Trials via Open Houses and Field Days.     

Showcasing Vegetables in Multiple Regions

Collaborative Vegetable Trial events are hosted by multiple  breeders in locations in several states. Attendees will have the opportunity to visit breeder company trial sites during select days throughout the year.   

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Plan your trip by contacting the participating companies listed below for each regional trial.

California Trial Details


2019 California Veggie Trial Dates

August 12-16, 2019

This event is open to industry professionals and appointments are required. 

National Garden Bureau is happy to organize and promote this event on behalf of our members. 



Bejo Seeds, Oceano, CA

PanAmerican Seed, Woodland, CA

Sakata Seed America, Salinas, CA (Open August 19-21)

Sakata Seed America, Woodland, CA (Open August 14-16)

Seeds By Design/Terra Organics, Chico and Willows, CA

(August 16 to 17: Guided Garden tours at Chico location.) 

(August 16: Invitation-only 25th Anniversary Party that evening. ) 

Seminis Home Garden, Woodland, CA

Syngenta/Vegetalis, Gilroy, CA


To set appointments, contact each company:

Chelsey at Bejo Seeds      PH: 267-838-0078  

Josh at PanAmerican Seed      PH: 541-914-5548  

Jiana at Sakata Seed America         PH: 408.782.5379   

Miles or Susan at Seeds By Design   PH: 530-438-2126  

Tyler at Seminis Home Garden         PH:  530-631-9927   

Jeannine at Syngenta/Vegetalis         PH: 408-847-3530  or  408-644-7995 

Allison at American Takii                    PH:   630-885-6579  

Additional Vegetable & Flower Trials in North America

Sunflower Open House at American Takii Salinas, CA

Date: August 7, 2019

PH:   630-885-6579  

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